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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So I found a new interesting read, The Alchemists by Neil Irwin. If Paulo Coelho's is more of life and spiritual journey, Neil Irwin's is more on the fiscal history, role of economists and central bankers.

 Economy and history might sound a tad boring to some, but I really take interest into it.

I didnt finish it yet, but I came to recall how eliminating bank were what I'm thinking of to bring down the property prices down (here)
People justify that property prices is never going down, and even it does, only at miniscule amount.
But developers, traders alike, are brave enough to bring up the prices up, be it cars or property, because they know you can afford to pay them. Here comes the bank. Easier means to apply for loans at one point, even fresh grads can apply for a 100% loan without any downpayment to buy their 1st car. That's the danger. The impression that you have the power to buy anything. (Which is why, I never believe in using credit cards).
Some are against the RPGT (Real Property Gain Tax) as it hurts the property business. That's one of the reasons projects are slowing down as there are fear that the units on offer might not be selling as good as it used to be. For me, not so much. I'm all in for RPGT, because it tighten the chances for you to speculate and just merely 'invest' in property, thus increasing the property prices at astronomical fold.
I don't know how to put it into words, I have to be honest, and I can only grasps at only small things that I have read upon; but in my excitement reading the book, one thing is clear, debt, property prices, banks and central banking in particular, is all interconnected, and they make or break our community.

Just dont get into debt that much. Think it over before you swipe that credit card. and not all properties is a must-buy-before-it-turns-too-expensive. Some are already overpriced anyway, and this coming from an architect.

Start looking at alternatives; rent a house if you have to to live in the city; but you can build your own house, look at other location which will cost reasonable for you in the long run.

You want to live in a crowded and over-populated/polluted in the next 20 years? or live in your old grands kampung house like for like?

Up to you.

Disclaimer; I wrote this for my own food for thoughts, for my future self to look back; not to impose, or to impress.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Found something from archdaily;Fideicomiso. (click here)

Some time ago, Hisham and I have this idea to tackle the ever soaring of property prices; container homes - they cost less than conventional constructions, reusing materials, less time for construction. Its not exactly a new idea, its just that the reception of our current community and adaptability (tho there are actually few in malaysia, while its widely being used as site office as well).

I tried to step it up a notch; to take down the properties cost, eliminate the bank and developers. Why? because developer act as a medium between architects and end users (purchaser). They produce (buy lands, marketing, hire architects, contractors etc) the product (properties) via architects (design, working drawing, submissions and approval etc) and sell it to the purchasers. Along the way they will work along with the bank (its too tedious to write about; those in the banking and construction industry knows better).

Imagine if you, purchaser, just engage directly with the architects (and fellow consultants) and contractor. you dont need to go thru the developer. That's where this fideicomiso comes in; the architect himself takes on the risk of development; residents collect their assets and provide them to the architect, who buys the land, funds the project and oversees the design/construction.

Now, here's the setback. Simplifying from Housing Development Acts, for development of dwelling properties of 4 units and above, it is categorized as housing, which in effect must be develop by a licensed developer. Now, if potential purchaser (note: end users, not people making properties to sell them) grouped up among themselves and creating an entity to become a developer, it might do the trick (as per fideicomiso). but here's the catch; to be a licensed developer you will need to register with RM 1 million fee. How many purchaser do you need to gang up with to come up with such fund?

But, for a property of built up area below than 3000 sq.ft, you can easily engage registered draft-person to built a bungalow for you (of course, you need a land which wouldnt comes cheap).

I tried to play along this idea, looking for loopholes of our building by laws and local authorities; to provide a reasonable price for really serious purchaser (Again; meaning to live in, not selling - I might go around this by inserting it in the S&P agreement). So far, i'm targeting to cut the price by;
  • Expedite construction via IBS (container house comes with this) - faster completion lesser cost (labor, material etc)
  • Purchaser as developer
  • Small built-ups - engage registered draft-person instead of architects (designs can be completed by a so-called design consultant, or the client themselves)
But then comes the major point;  LOCATION, with it comes the land. So i came up short and hit the wall on that.

There's this view where instead of buying properties in the city, make do with renting one, and invest property on the outskirt instead. It depends. When you retire, do you want to live in a kampung-like environment, or living on the upper-east side?

I'm just blabbering here aloud. gesundheit

Dusty ol' blog. Fuhhh.

This blog is getting dusty. Ignored even.
pax vobiscum.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I just hate the idea of vampires being goeey romantic, and sparkles in the day to boot. Personal opinion, hence the callous unicorns below. I preferred lukyanenko's vamps more.
Too many brain freeze at workplace lately, so end up sketching here and there.
Watched Into the Darkness, Man of Steel, World War Z, and Despicable Me. Who says you can't watch movies alone?
p/s; more into instagram than fb for the past months or so. gotta give credit to nik for ever relenting urge for me to have my own account.


Saturday, June 1, 2013


All these ever straining works.

As my good friend says; as our profession demands, perhaps we wouldn't get married.
we will, but maybe when we're turning 50.
Fuelling myself with what I like most; read books. sketches. spend more time with my mom n sis.
I need this breathing space.

Hoping all is for the good, with good intention.

Praying the best for you. God bless.

Friday, March 22, 2013

no entry

Non-architectural. Artline 0.4 & 0.6 on tracing paper as door blinder / cover.
Missed doing these kinda stuff.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

On paper

Progress? or lack of it?
It's been 2 and a half year I'm practising (or hauling my ass hard for) architecture.
I wish all my designs would be on ground. It cant be all, hoping some interesting ones would.
The parameter...lets just say I enjoyed most of it. There's the hard times; staying up late for days n weeks, getting pushed and pushed to produce good works in period of seconds, whilst (I guess it's just me) being under appreciated. I mean, really under appreciated.
I longed for the days where I can design like I give a damn, where I can really think and push something for, involved and making more details of my own; alas, time is not a privilege.

That's the challenge working in a medium size office i think, where you juggle your mind between anything and everything. I get lil bit of jealous how the boys in the big mega firm can concentrate on designs more, their toys compared to our office's, their trips, and get paid really good bucks for it.

Its not the bucks that we (me) want; its the appreciation, the empathy of what I have committed to.